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The REAL cost of Wedding Hair + Makeup

Hair + Makeup by Zoe, Creative Director of Knot Your Average Bride. Photography: Jessica Withey.

Hair + Makeup by Zoe, Creative Director of Knot Your Average Bride.
Photography: Jessica Withey.


So you’re planning one of the most important days of your life but let me guess…your budget has gone out of the window (goodbye budget, it was nice knowing you!) and suddenly cut backs are needed as you remember that you’re not playing with Monopoly money…

Unfortunately it seems the most common cut back is on Hair + Makeup as that’s something you can potentially do yourself or have Bev, the beautician that lives down the road help you with for a fraction of the price.

YOU’RE MAKING A MISTAKE that's ultimately going to cost you more in the end and here’s why…


(P.s No offence Bev!)

So on a normal day you can do your eyeliner, whilst doing a headstand, without a mirror and in the dark so doing it on your Wedding day should be fine...RIGHT?!

WRONG (although that's impressive) believe me, emotions are high and it doesn’t ever go as simply as you expect on the day of your Wedding and I'm speaking from experience!

Somehow, you can end up having a complete brain fart and suddenly perfecting that feline flick could be just the thing to tip you over the edge and you’ll end up wishing you paid the extra cash for someone that’s not only a hair + makeup genius but also has experience with Wedding days in general just so they can be there for reassurance!

Behind the scenes of Zoe adding the finishing touches.  Photography: Jessica Withey

Behind the scenes of Zoe adding the finishing touches.

Photography: Jessica Withey



Pay someone to reassure me I hear you cry?!?

Believe it or not your Hair + Makeup Artist isn’t just there to make you all look beautiful...

Your chosen artist should also be there to help you all remain calm, organised and most importantly keep you all happy and feeling comfortable!


This is why it's worth doing your RESEARCH before deciding on the person that’s perfect for you and your bridal party ESPECIALLY because that artist is by your side all morning. That's a pretty intimate situation that should only require someone that's truly got their shit together!

I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't want some thoughtless generic hair + makeup look that's been created on about a million other brides and bares no resemblance to how I would normally look...

With that in mind a Hair + Makeup Artists kit and expertise can often be reflected in the price and let's face it, having your Hair + Makeup done is a luxury so it really is best to pick someone who's going to give you the service you deserve using the best products and expertise to tailor a look completely suited to YOU.

It’s obvious experience doesn’t always come cheap, but it’s worth just as much as that PERFECT dress you forked out for.

"It would be such a shame to have your Berta Dress look like something from Boohoo because you lowered the standard for Hair + Makeup..."


(cue Bev...P.s sorry Boohoo)

Not only that but the ENTIRE LOOK will be documented in your photo album and wedding video for years to come so for goodness sake, please do your research before settling on someone that's cheaper and only shows a selection of heavily airbrushed photos...


So WHY can it cost so much to have a Professional Wedding Hair + Makeup Artist in the first place?


When you hire your professional Hair + Makeup artist, there's a lot more work going on behind the scenes than you may realise...Here's some examples of what your artist may be doing other than just Hair + Makeup:

-Promptly answering your questions and follow ups via email/telephone to keep your mind at ease

-Organising time schedules for yourself and your Bridal Party so you don't have to worry on the morning of your Wedding

-Creating and discussing mood boards personalised to you and your style

-Organising potential assistants that might be needed on the day of your Wedding

-Organising best possible routes of travel to your venue so that we are NEVER late

-Prepping + cleaning kit to ensure the best possible hygiene

-Sending you product breakdowns/skincare routines on request

-Purchasing and restocking the latest products to ensure the kit is of the highest standard

-Diary management so that we can work around your schedule to get you in for your Hair + Makeup trials

-Managing invoices and payments

-Networking events so that we can provide supplier recommendations on request and gain a better understanding of the Wedding Industry in general


So as you can see, there's already a fair amount of admin that goes along with the job so just remember, you might save some pennies by using someone that’s cheaper initially but that could cost you on the day of your Wedding, especially if they are inexperienced and unorganised!


You know the old saying "pay cheap, pay twice" this is quite often the case and when it comes to Hair + Makeup, you should be aiming for quality because ultimately how you look is going to influence how you feel and us Brides should only be feeling THE BEST on our Wedding day!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns regarding PRICING ( and just remember to do your research folks!


Happy Wedding Planning!