Top 5 Bridal Looks by 'Knot Your Average Bride'

As featured on 'Wedding Ideas' Magazine. April 2018 issue.

Wedding Ideas

The ‘Classy but Cool’ Bride


This is probably my FAVOURITE of all the bridal looks I create because it combines elegance with textured hair for that ‘effortlessly beautiful’ feel.
You look Bridal but COOLER…

‘Cara’ wears a ‘Grace Loves Lace’ dress which is what inspired the Aussie sea salt hair and natural bronzed skin.

My favourite Salt Spray is Bumble + Bumble Surf Spray.

Photography: Jess Withey

Hair + Makeup: Zoe Cornwell from Knot Your Average Bride

Annabell & Alena 397 web.jpg

The ‘Edgy Editorial’ Bride


This look is all about the ‘no makeup makeup’ which features heavily in the world of fashion.

I love combining soft creamy textures for that perfect dewy base and teaming it with effortlessly undone hair which keeps the entire look a lot more casual. 

This look is perfect for the girls that want to keep everything stripped back and simple.

Try adding a hint of Bobbi Brown’s ‘Hydrating Face Cream’ to your foundation for a more natural finish.

‘Erin’ wears a dress by ‘Lucy Can’t Dance’

Photography: Brian Rolfe

Hair + Makeup: Zoe Cornwell from Knot Your Average Bride


The ‘Red Carpet’ Bride


This look is STRONG and BRAVE. It combines and element of glamour but still keeps the entire look feeling CLASSY.

A bold lip is a statement that Brides should totally be embracing this year, if you keep the skin looking natural, you really can’t go wrong.

This look is perfect for the playful Bride but if you’re not feeling brave enough to wear this during the day, pack a bold lippy in your clutch bag for the evening instead!

My personal favourite is ‘Red Carpet Red’ by Charlotte Tilbury.

Photography: Jess Withey

Makeup: Zoe Cornwell from Knot Your Average Bride

Hair: Jo Loves Hair


The ‘Boho Beauty’ Bride


We’ve seen all things Boho for a while now and to be honest, I don’t think it’s a trend that will ever really fade because it’s just SO pretty!

This is all about natural, earthy tones and textures to create that effortlessly pretty vibe.

Think neutral tones paired with peachy lips and cheeks!

One of my favourite blushers is ‘Melba’ by Mac Cosmetics.

Brides that want to feel pretty but not too glam, this ones for you!
Photography: Kathryn Hopkins

Hair + Makeup: Zoe Cornwell from Knot Your Average Bride


The ‘Classic and Elegant’ Bride


If you’re wanting to look and feel like the ultimate princess then this look is for you.

When you imagine a Bride, this is what most of us picture in our minds which is why this look is absolutely timeless.

This is all about HIGHLIGHTING and enhancing your natural beauty so imagine a more polished version of yourself and voila this is it.

My favourite highlighter used to enhance the skin is ‘Pearl’ by Mac Cosmetics.

Photography: D&A Photography

Hair + Makeup: Zoe Cornwell from Knot Your Average Bride

Pro’s of using a Pro on your Wedding Day:

Pro’s of using a Pro on your Wedding Day:

Written by Zoe Cornwell- Creative Director at 'Knot Your Average Bride'


Although some of us have a natural talent with Hair + Make-Up, when it comes to the big day, that perfect feline FLICK that you’ve mastered can easily turn into a perfect feline... KICK in the backside.


Truth is, it doesn’t matter how good we are, when we’re under a little stress even the simplest of tasks can prove to be pretty difficult… 


With that in mind, here’s 5 Pro’s of using a Pro on your Wedding Day:


-Minimise Stress:

When it comes to the morning of your Wedding Day, you want to try and relax and enjoy every moment because those are your last few hours of being a ‘Miss' and we don’t want you to be 'MISS too stressed out that my Hair + Make-Up doesn’t look as good as normal’.

When you book a Pro Hair and Make-Up Artist, you would have already had a trial prior to your Wedding Day so that you know exactly what to expect and what you’re going to look like.

Goodbye ‘Miss Stress-head’, Hello ‘Mrs Beautiful’.


This leads me to my next point…


-Feel Pampered:

It’s such a treat having your Hair + Make-Up done and it allows you to have some time to sit and relax as well as leaving you safe in knowing that your Hair + Make-Up is going to last the entire day due to the quality and skill that you get from booking a professional.

It’s one of the biggest days of your life so why not treat yourself and your bridal party to some well earned ‘Pamper Time’. 

After all that Wedding Planning- you all deserve it!


-You get what you pay for:

Weddings can leave a burning hole in your back pocket which is why many brides decide that they may want to cut the budget when it comes to booking the finishing touches like Hair + Make-Up.

All eyes are going to be on you and your Bridal party and if you’ve spent the money on your perfect dress, it would be a shame to not look the part in it.

Your whole day is going to be documented by your photographer and what a shame it would be if you wasn’t looking your absolute best.

There’s a reason why many photo shoots have a professional Hair + Make-Up Artist and it’s important that you look beautiful in person but also on camera!



As a professional, we have been a part of many Weddings and therefore have experienced all different types of scenarios.

This allows us to adapt to any environment and keep you and your bridal party calm and happy at all times whatever the situation.

We’re like the Wise Owls of Weddings and the end result is always 'Twit-twoo’



For me, being a Professional Hair + Make-Up Artist isn’t just about my skill, it’s about my ability to communicate with my clients and give that extra support when they need it.

Being invited into someone’s home or wedding suite on the morning of the biggest day of their life is a very personal experience so it’s important that you book the right professional for you. 

Amongst the champagne laced nerves and excitement, having someone that can keep the atmosphere calm and support you and your bridal party through the morning is important.


So there we go, a few reasons why I think you should consider a Pro!