How much does it cost to have Bridal Hair + Make-Up if you're


K N O T  

Y O U R  

A V E R A G E  

B R I D E ?



W E D D I N G  P R I C I N G

Please note pricing is subject to location and Bridal party size.

A minimum spend of £300.00 is required on your Wedding Day -please enquire via the 'CONTACT' page for more information and a personalised quote.


P R E  W E D D I N G

Hair + Makeup trials often take place 4-8 weeks prior to your Wedding day.


Hair OR Makeup: £100

Hair AND Makeup: £150


B R I D E S M A I D / O T H E R

Hair OR Makeup: £50

Hair AND Makeup: £100


W E D D I N G  D A Y

With the 'Knot Your Average Bride' Director Zoe Cornwell


Hair OR Makeup: £120

Hair AND Makeup: £200


B R I D E S M A I D / O T H E R

Hair OR Makeup: £50

Hair AND Makeup: £100


Airbrush makeup is available at no extra cost.



K N O T   Y O U R   A V E R A G E   B R I D E   T R I B E   M E M B E R :

A member of the 'Knot Your Average Bride' team who has been hand selected by Director Zoe Cornwell.

If I am personally unavailable for your special day, I have a handful of lovely hair + makeup artists that I am happy to recommend.



Trials are to be held on a weekday at my home studio in Chelmsford, Essex where all of my kit can be set up and ready for your arrival.

Limited weekends available and will be charged as 'WEDDING DAY RATE'

A trial typically lasts from 2-4hours trying several of your desired looks.

If you have chosen your veil and/or hair accessory, please bring this with you on your trial day so it can be incorporated into your different looks.



Full payment can be paid on the day of your trial.

After a successful trial, a 50% retainer fee can be paid to secure your Wedding date with the rest being paid on or before your Wedding Day.



Knot Your Average Bride offers Hair and Make-Up Lessons completely tailored to you. 

This is a popular option for destination clients and for Brides that want to be in control of their overall look.

Pricing starts from £250 and includes a full product breakdown.



Professional assistants from the KNOT YOUR AVERAGE BRIDE TRIBE can be provided for larger Bridal Parties.



Why not get yourself and your hens looking AWESOME before your night on the tiles?

We can provide ’clucking amazing’ tailored packages to suit you and your girls.

Prices start from £50 per person.

Please note this CANNOT be used as a trial.



Yes, you heard us… A GLITTER BAR so you and your guests can shimmer well into the evening.

£200 includes a 2 hour session for yourself and your guests to be showered in a range of different glitters and gems.

It’s fun and makes for some fabulous photos too!



There are always going to be guests who arrive at the Wedding and instantly regret KNOT getting their hair done...

Or they’ll be guests that paid to get their hair done but quite frankly, look like they’ve stepped out of an early 90’s movie.

Save them the hassle and despair and get yourself a Knot Your Average Bride BRAID BAR.

For £250 you get a 2 hour session and we can help your guests let their hair down…or up…whichever they prefer!


 Cancelling services anytime between booking date and 3 months prior to your wedding - No further charge, any deposits paid will be retained.

Cancelling services within 3 months of your wedding date - 50% of the balance will be required.

Cancelling any service within 1 month of your wedding date - 100% of the balance will be required.